NPHC Informs Students Of Who They Are

By Dee McKissick

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Henderson’s Greek organizations gave a 101 class for students by students. Information was put together to inform and excite new members to want to join the organizations.

Organizations that gave presentations were a part of the NPHC Greek systems. Normally these organizations would have given their own individual informational. The goal of the night was to show that all Greek organizations had unity and wanted each other to be great.

“We just want to show everyone that our organization is about more than what they see us do on stage. And we also want to show everyone that we can work together and we have good Greek unity,” Simeon Prather, senior human resources major said.

Prather, a senior human resource major was among those presenting his organization affiliation with Phi Beta Sigma fraternity incorporated. Phi Beta Sigma is among the seven of the “divine nine” chapters of in the NPHC that are on campus.

The night’s main speaker was Jessica Graham, senior pre-law and political science major, is the vice president of the NPHC Greek organization and also holds a chair with in her own organization Alpha Kappa Alpha. Jessica started the meeting by showing gratitude for the crowd that wanted to come out and learn more about what Greek life was all about for in NPHC.

“So happy you all came out to learn more about us because we are so much more than step and stroll,” Graham said.

Each organization was allowed 10 minutes to talk about different aspects of gaining membership. These aspects including their aims and goals, community service, requirements, and gratifications. Two aspects that were repeated were the values of education and growth.

“Speaking personally being a Sigma has helped me be a better man. It has shown me how to take the aspects of myself and make them greater. And how important it is to finish your education,” Said Prather as he addressed the crowd.

The meeting was ended with a short question and answer session. Afterward students were encouraged to stop by tables that were decorated with each organization’s paraphernalia to meet with the men and women affiliated with the organizations one on one.

Ciera Witherspoon, sophomore nursing major, said she walked away better informed and claims she knew more then she did when she entered.

“I always thought that most Greeks were just partying all the time,” Witherspoon said. “But I found out today that being a educated woman is a big part of being in a Greek organization on a college Campus.”