Spa-Con Hot Springs

Story by Leighton Hall, Student Reporter

Suddenly in Hot Springs…

In the halls of the Hot Springs Convention Center comic and entertainment lovers alike will come together for the first Spa-Con on Sept. 23-25. 

The convention will open at 6 pm Friday, Sept. 23 with a concert from the New York based Japanese punk band Peelander-Z. After the concert, a scavenger hunt starting at 7 pm will feature participants collecting stamps in around downtown Hot Springs business. 

The main expo will open at 10 am on Saturday. Guests can browse many of the venders that have gathered to display and sell comics and entertainment products. A children’s area will offer activities for ages 12 and younger.

 Game rooms equipped with video and board games will be available along with a locked room game, which has a team of people trying to find clue to escape a locked room. Con goers can also find a sci-fi party game ARTEMIS (Spaceship Bridge Simulator) in which a team takes control of a starship and travels across a simulated galaxy Star Trek style. Here you and your friends can fill different positions in the ships control room exploring the reaches of space and defending your crew from hostile life forms.

Starting at 10:30 am, children’s author Jennifer L. Holm will describe how comics and graphic novels are making a comeback in libraries with a talk titled “Get Graphic.” Holm, a former TV writer who has written dozens of children’s books, won a 2013 Eisner Award at Comic-Con International as co-author of “Babymouse for President”.

The Battlestar Galatica panel will begin at 3:30 pm with special guest Richard Hatch and Michel Hogan, both of who portrayed characters in the sci-fi series. An associated photo op is at 5 pm. Hatch will also be leading a panel titled “Life in Hollywood” starting at 10 a.m. on Sept. 25 with a photo op concluding it.

Also at 5 pm, Ross Watson, an award winning game designer and author, will give a panel titled “Making Games.”

Wrapping up Saturday, from 8-11 pm, a cosplay contest will be judged by well-known cosplayers Ginny Di, Krystle Star and JediManda in a competition sponsored by The Cosplay Club, Hot Springs’ only cosplay nightclub.

Tickets are now available starting at $5 for access to the expo floor up to $30 for a weekend pass that offers access to all events except the Nichelle Nichols luncheon. For more information and to purchase tickets, visit,or follow organizers @Spa Con on Twitter, or by searching for Spa Con on Facebook and Instagram.