Waffle House blues

Story by Brian Crockett, Student Reporter

Waffle House in Caddo Valley has been closed since May due to many problems, one being frequent flooding of the parking lot. After 35 years, they’re receiving a brand new building. It will come complete with new tables and appliances.

The 24-hour restaurant was essential to the local college students, especially after a late night out. Being a place where one can catch a bite at any time of the day, it was obviously popular.

When asked if she missed the students and the experience of working with them, Jones said, “Yes I miss them, I work very well with students. I hire them because I know they need money and food to keep going.”

She is eager for the new Waffle House to be up and back in action. “It’s just a great environment, good food and good company is always a great combination.” 

Waffle House is also a place that you can make call in to go orders. “With the new equipment, it’s going to be a better and faster food making and table delivery process,” Jones said. “It’s also just a great place to work, you meet a lot of new people and you also have to think on your feet.” 

There is no electronic order system. The cooks and waitresses have to remember everything themselves with only the help of word of mouth and grill slips.

The Waffle House is much like a home kitchen. With the renovation, it will have a new structure, but it will feature the same traditional menu.

The building will be relatively the same size as the last structure, but with a better, non-flooding parking lot.

Jones said that the capacity of the store was about 42 people, but to not forget about the convenient and quick to go orders. Waffle house is surely being missed, but it will be back open on Sept. 25. if everything goes as planned.

It’s a place where you can go sit down with friends and have a bite. With Waffle House returning back to the community, we welcome home cooking back to the students and the people of Arkadelphia.