Down with the wellness

Story by Andrew Arnold, Student Reporter

Last Monday the Charles Dunn Recreation Center hosted a Health and Wellness Day on the Quad outside the Garrison Center.

After obtaining student’s heart rates, they were asked to ride a stationary bike for one minute and then checking heart rate again along with blood pressure. Students then received a free Gatorade and granola bar.

Recreation Center offers various other activities to help students stay healthy along with boot camp, personal trainers, yoga, Zumba, and Crossfit. All paid for by the Recreation Center and free to students, all they have to do is stop by.

The Freshmen 15 often strikes students during their freshmen and sophomore years of college. With the stress of classes, meal plans, binge drinking, and lack of physical exercise, a little bit of exercise can go a long way.

The Rec Center staff can also show you how to use the exercise equipment and provide weight lifting assistance. “I don’t really work out, but I love the outdoorsy stuff the Recreation Center has to offer like rock climbing and biking to stay fit,” said Caleb Williams, senior mass media major.

Other activities that are sponsored are a Biggest Loser Competition, scavenger hunts, women’s self-defense classes, and more. “Here at the Recreation Center, we are promoting healthier living overall,” said Dacota Gray, a student worker at the Recreation Center.

The Charles Dunn Recreation Center offers students the ability to build their bodies and enjoy their experience at Henderson in good health, while it is another interest that students can take advantage of for free.