The running dead

Story by Shelby Dixon, Student Reporter

The zombie apocalypse might be coming to Arkadelphia much too soon. On Oct. 21, people will be running from zombies in the 5k in downtown Arkadelphia. Although this race claims you might not actually survive a real apocalypse, it might be good training for when the day comes.

This type of race takes place all over the United States, and even in Europe, but Arktoberfest will hold the title of the first zombie run in Southern Arkansas.

This fun five kilometer run consists of not just people running in, but also contains zombie actors that have one goal, which is to snatch the two flags off each runner’s waist. This style is much like flag football, but you are not considered out (or in this case “a zombie”) until all of your flags have been captured.

Not only will runners be scattering from the terrifying zombies chasing after them, but they will also be going over, under and around multiple obstacles to make the course a little more challenging. There is a way around the obstacles but it would involve a straight run instead of getting the small break you might get for your legs on an obstacle. Unlike most runs that start in the morning, registration will start at five in the afternoon and the race will start at 6:45 p.m. in order to achieve the eerie feeling of the impending apocalypse.

The early registration ends on Oct. 7 for contestants 18+ the price will be $25 and for 17 and under it will be $15 and participants will receive a t-shirt, survivor medal and also guarantee a fun time. There will be registration on the day of the event but t-shirts will only be while supplies last and also the price will go up to $30 for 18+ and $20 for same-day registration.

Anyone wanting to register can go to to pre-register to guarantee a t-shirt and lock in the discounted price. All ages can run in the race and also anyone can be a zombie and try to capture the flags of runners. Being a little over a week before Halloween this is believed to be sure to put everyone in the mood for the big events going into Arktoberfest.

Other festivities that will be available to enjoy that weekend that do not involve running include a local beer contest, a beard competition, a catfish cook-off and also a baggo tournament and trick-or-treating for the dressed up little ones of the festival. With the run starting on Friday, it will bring in the weekend with all other fun starting on Saturday. The 5k may continue in the future, but hopefully the outbreak can be stopped by then.