Reddies get Redemption with 45-17 win

Story by Pete Tubbs, Sports Editor

The Reddies had a day of redemption on Saturday as they defeated the University of Arkansas at Monticello at a score of 45-17. Not only was this a comeback for the Reddies after their tragic defeat by Harding University, it was also a defining game in Henderson’s football history. Being the sixth win of the season for the Reddies, the game signaled the seventh winning season for Head Coach Scott Maxfield, making him the most victorious football coach in the team’s illustrious history.

The 2 p.m. game began with a 46 yard rush up the middle by Jaquan Cole for a touchdown, followed by a Houston Ray field goal with 13:30 left on the clock.

It was a full five minutes before UAM got their first score from an 18 yard field goal by Josh Marini. Jaquan Cole continued his dominance on the field by a six yard run for a touchdown. Ray followed the play with a field goal which brought the home team’s point count to 14 against the visitor’s 3.

The second quarter started with a bang. With a little over 14 minutes left on the board, Reddies Jeremy Wilson propelled himself 76 yards up the field for a touchdown. This score paired with the third Ray field goal of the game widened the home team’s lead to 18 points. The next score of the first half came from the opposing team in the form of a seven yard pass from Cole Sears to Jalen Tolliver and another Marini kick. This was followed with a Jaquan Cole run of 62 yards and yet another Ray kick. The top two fourths of the game ended with the board showing Reddies 28, UAM 10.

The first score of the second half occurred with 10:32 left in the third quarter and was secured by a 23 yard Ray field goal. A little more than ten minutes later, Sears and Marini beefed up UAM’s point count with a one yard touchdown run and a field goal.

The Reddies ended the third quarter with Jeremy Wilson and Houston Ray adding seven points to the home teams domination with a two yard run and a field goal respectively. Going into the fourth quarter, the game score was Henderson 38, Monticello 17. The game ended with a massive 49 yard pass from Evan Lassiter to Jaquan Cole and one final Ray field goal.

The redemption game for the Reddies ended with a crowd pleasing score of 45 to 17. Saturday was no doubt a welcome afternoon for Reddies football fans. Although the team saw a bump in the road with their loss against Harding University, they showed their true colors with a domination that won’t soon be forgotten. Fans can rest easy and look forward to an easygoing final stretch of the season.

With four games left to play in their conference season, the Reddies train looks to come into the final station with a massive win-loss record. The Reddies next game will take place next Saturday in El Dorado at 2 pm. They will face Southern Arkansas University in the Murphy USA Classic.