BREAKING NEWS: Armed Robbery Reported in Ridge Point

Story By Emily R. Bell, Editor In Chief

This evening, students received an email from Tonya Smith, director of marketing and communication, reporting in part: 


At 3:30 p.m. today, a student reported to the Arkadelphia Police Department that he answered a knock at his door of his apartment at Ridge Pointe Apartments to 3-4 males who then forcibly entered his residence, produced a firearm and then took his phone and other property. The suspects are described as black males. 


Students at Huie Library may have been the first to hear about this incident, as the reported victim may have reached out to a friend studying on the second floor. 


Dustin Lagaly, senior music composition major, was one of the witnesses to the conversation between the possible victim and his friend. 


“The guy was out of breath, clearly scared for his life,” Lagaly said.  


Lagaly was the closest to the two students’ conversation, but still only heard portions of it. He said the most striking portions included, “They came back, all of them,” “with a gun,” and “they said if I call the cops, they’ll kill me.” 


Lagaly immediately sought out campus police to report what he had overheard, and was met by public safety officer, Charles Dickerson, of university police. 


Officer Dickerson checked out the scene at the library before taking the student’s statement. He had heard similar statements from remaining students still studying where the incident took place.  


It is possible that this event at Huie Library followed shortly after the reported armed robbery described in the email and that these incidents are linked and involve the same student.  


Students and staff are urged to report any further information to help this investigation, or any suspicious activity at all, to the university police at 870-230-5098. 

*Update: As of 12:15 Monday, all four suspects were arrested and have been held for questioning in the Clark County Jail.