HSU Philosophy Club presents: Dr. John Corvino

Story by Pete Tubbs, Editor in Chief

We live in turbulent times these days. With the sitting president causing controversy daily and waves and waves of social change hitting America just as often, the times certainly are a changin’. 

Not all of that change is bad, however. Dr. John Corvino, an openly gay author, philosopher and speaker, is one of the leaders in the fight for gay rights. 

Dr. Corvino is the author of books such as “What’s Wrong with Homosexuality?,” “Debating Same-Sex Marriage” and “Debating Religious Liberty and Discrimination.” Suffice it to say, Corvino is known for what he has to say about sexuality and the issues that go along with every side of the equation. 

Corvino, who was born in 1969, hasn’t had it easy his whole life. As a man growing up in the 70’s and 80’s, it was much harder to be in the LGBT crowd. 

“Yes, of course [it was hard],” Corvino said. “I came out of the closet in 1988 at the height of the AIDS crisis, which at the time added to the stigma.” 

However, as we now know, Corvino persevered and came to be John Corvino, PhD in philosophy. He earned his doctorate at the University of Texas at Austin in 1998. Before then, he graduated from St. John’s in New York with a bachelor of arts degree. 

Dr. Corvino said of his studies, “I knew I wanted to be a teacher of some sort, but it wasn’t until I was inspired by some of my own philosophy professors at St. John’s that I decided on philosophy as a disciple.” 

Corvino has been dubbed “the Gay Moralist” because of the column he wrote for LGBT newspaper “Between the Lines,” and later on 365gay.com. He is currently the chair of the Department of Philosophy at Wayne State University in Detroit. 

He frequently travels the country and gives lectures on topics concerning marriage, homosexuality and everything in between. “I started lecturing on the topic extensively in the early 1990’s.” 

On Oct. 4 in the Garrison Lecture hall, Corvino will stop by and give one of his famous lectures. 

“I think what I would say to people on all sides of controversial contemporary topics is that it’s important to slow down and listen,” Dr. Corvino said. “That’s the key to the theme of my lecture at Henderson.”