Theft awareness

Story by Rylee Maxwell, Student Reporter

Every year millions of college students travel to campuses to live on their own. For the newer students theft is not on their mind. Few college students insure their possessions, even though many valuable items with them. Phones are a costly aspect of life, and many students have broken, lost, or had them stolen. 

The recent Google Consumer Survey from Protect Your Bubble polled 500 college students and found out that nearly one third of them have experienced this. This means that theft is happening in college campuses today. College students should be more careful with their valuable items. 

Your personal property should never be left unattended. Common objects that are stolen are usually small items that can easily fit in a pocket. If possible, lock up all items that can be taken. Usually college dorms have locks on closet doors. It would be smart to place jewelry and other things in them while out. 

If something is stolen from your possession, or from your safe, call campus police. The police can always help in time of need. It is best to have them file a report and help search for the missing object such as your bike. Campus police can keep a look out for the bike and resolve the issue easier. 

Using a car for storage can be super helpful, but it also can be a target for theft. When using a car for storage always put items out of view. Do not leave items in the seat or floor. If a thief 

looks in the window, there is nothing stopping them from taking what they want. It is also smart to lock items in the trunk of your vehicle. The trunk is harder to access and will keep your items safe. 

Not only can items be stolen from your possession but even your identity. College students face a high risk of having their identity stolen. Social security numbers should never be shared. Try to make sure that you hide your number just in case of fraud. People should also be careful about typing in ATM codes and computer passwords. 

Never carry your driver’s license and social security card together. Identity thieves can use your personal information to send out random credit card offers that use your information to make them. This means that they can use credit cards with your name on them. This can cause high amounts of debt. 

Social media can help thieves. Many students are comfortable showing their lives on social media, they give too much information away to the public. Oversharing is one of the biggest mistakes a student can make. 

Thieves can look at social media and know exactly when you’re not home. They know that you’ll be away for a while and therefore know they can raid your house. Social media also shares information that can be used to gain access to websites. With all of this information, fraudsters can get past account security questions on many websites. 

In short, it always pays to be careful. Something that only takes you a couple of seconds of forethought can save you a lot of trouble.