Exhibits galore: Campus up to its knees in art

Story and Photo by Emily Bell, Copy Editor and Photographer

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Last week, the campus and Arkadelphia were hit with an array of galleries captivating and engaging students and member of the community.

Erin Hickl held her senior show, “lux permanent,” in Huie Library on Tuesday. She presented her studies of light and darkness through her subtly eerie photography. Her show will be up until Nov. 7, on the second floor of the library. 

At RFA, visiting artist Tammy Harrington drew a crowd at her gallery opening, “Reactions: Visual Words and Other Works.” Her work focused on colorful prints, paper-cuts, and at the far end of the gallery was a cozy, lit-up paper room. Her intricate, tediously hand-cut sheets draped over the frame, with warm lighting pouring through her details. 

A lot of artists use lasers for their paper-cuts, but she does it by hand because she enjoys the process. It’s essentially her zen. She’s never been out of school in all this time, going from high school to college to graduate school. However, she says this a good thing, because she has been able to focus on her artwork so much. 

Half of her show involved a collaborative effort with professors and colleagues in her school. They wrote about her work, and then she created response pieces with their writings. Her show will stay open until Dec. 4. 

A new photo gallery opened at the Arkadelphia Arts Center downtown. Students from an advanced photography course at the university worked together to showcase their collections, each with a different focus. 

Gabby Calvin’s work focused on intense color lighting scenes, and how lights pierce through the dark. Erin Hickl framed soft glows in shrouds of darkness, often featuring lanterns in the night. Grace Dane presented stunning, dramatic shots of regular life throughout Arkadelphia. 

Also last week, professor Kasten Searles had her art seminar students host a “pop-up” exhibit for only one afternoon in RFA. This was the second time the pop-up gallery occurred. Last year’s focused on conflict, whereas this year the theme was emotion. 

Although we’re nearing the end of the semester, there will be a couple more galleries on campus before finals. Keep checking our Facebook page and Twitter for updates on upcoming shows.