Hit the road jack

Opinion by Dax Guilliams, Opinions Editor

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Ill admit it even though I dont want to. The3.5mm headphone jack is eventually going to be removed from all future smartphones.

Some people will say that the headphone jack is outdated tech, which is completely untrue and those people are stoners. Its not outdated yet, but will soon be.

The 3.5mm headphone jack still gives the besaudio output, especially if theres a good DAC in it like with LGs devices. Along with that, wired headphones are still better than wireless ones, but those are starting to catch up.

I used to be against the removal to the headphone jack, but with the Google Pixel 2 and how they handled the audio output of the device, Im starting to change my mind.

ThGoogle Pixel 2 handles wireless audio better than any other phone and the dongle they included with the phone helps with any wired headphones. The dongle is still an annoying thing to use, but at least it works well.

While I still prefer using wired headphones becausthey have superior audio output, I understand the appeal of wireless and Im finwith using them. Not having to deal with wires getting in the way or getting tangled up is nice.

But my main issue with all of this headphone jack removal is that companies like Apple, Google and the others are taking away the headphone jack, which isnt expensive to include, and charging way more money for their phones.

I like the Google Pixel 2, but the XL variant is too expensive to not include a jack. Apple is even worse when it comes to all of their expensive nonsense and theyre the ones to blame for all this.

Apple removed the headphone jack firsand included those ass AirPods. I would rather use two cups with a piece of string connecting them for my audio than those AirPods. At least Googles wireless headphones are better and cheaper.

Even HTC removed the headphone jack from their phones. You used to be able to count on them for extremely high-quality phones, but they keep makinmistakes. Come on, Lord HTC, youre better than this.

At least the new variants of the HTC U11 are better than the original. It helps make up for the lack of better audio, but HTC arent ready to go wireless on their phones just yet.

Thworst offender of this is ThEssential Phone. Dont call your phone Essential” if it doesnt have a feature many still consider essential to their smartphones.

Thatjust asking for people, including me, to make fun of your phone, which I do because that phones camera is awful.

Plus, using bluetooth to connect these headphones uses up a lot of battery power. Modern flagship phones do not have high enough battery capacity to warrant using these headphones for an extended period otime.

Im a big, dumb nerd and Im always listening to dumb stuff on my phone while I sit at home doing nothing. Thesphones, as expensive as they are, desperately need better batteries for these wireless headphones.

The flagshiwith the best battery that is getting rid of the jack is the Huawei Mate 10 Pro and itnot even out yet and most carriers arent going to be selling it.

Thankfullybluetooth tech is also getting better, so everything with wireless tech and smartphones are getting better.

Even with the improvements that are being made, I dont think the smartphone industry is ready to move away from the 3.5mm headphone jack completely.

However, if these companies and their tech continue to advance at the pace they are right now, the industry will be ready in around three to four years.

Im totally finwith going wireless if the audio output gets better and phone batteries have higher capacity. However, it seems like we’re still a few years from wireless headphones reaching their maximum potential.

Until then, the smarter thing for these companies to do is include the headphone jack or at least include a cheap dongle that allows for good audio with wireheadphones.