Reddies men’s basketball conquered East Texas University in charity exhibition game


Story by Jordan Williams, Sports Editor

The Reddies took the hardwood for the first time this season in an exhibition game against East Texas Baptist University. It was for the benefit of those affected by Hurricane Harvey with all proceeds from Wednesday night’s game going to help those still in need. 

The game was less about the final score and more about what the men demonstrated on the court. The final score was HSU 92 – ETBU 78, and there was a lot more to be happy about than just the victory. 

From the opening tip, the Reddies displayed impressive ball movement and cohesiveness on the offensive end. They also displayed a surprising amount of tenacity on the defensive end. 

The home team did an amazing job of simply moving the ball while on offense. Ball movement is key to any great team success throughout a season and it was on full display for the Reddies. 

There was never any sense of stagnation with the offense. They did a good job of getting the ball to the open man, making the extra pass and moving the off ball to get the best look possible. 

This wasn’t fully represented by their team field goal percentage of the night, which was a pedestrian 42.9 percent. This should definitely increase with the urgency of a regular season matchup. 

Junior forward Brad Nairn did a fantastic job setting the pace for the offensive unit doing his part in not only passing the ball but stretching the floor converting on 4 of his five three-point field goal attempts for the night. He ended up with 18 points for the night. 

Junior Matt Panaggio played a major role in being the catalyst for the offense. He finished with team high 6 assists for the night and converted on all three of the field goals attempted for the night. 

Freshman Chris Parker looked impressive as well finishing with 17 points. He converted on five of eight field goals and hitting three of four attempted three pointers for the night. 

While the team as a whole committed 17 turnovers on the night you can only chalk so much of it up to carless ball handling. A lot of the turnovers where simply made in attempt to get other teammates involved. 

On the defensive end the Reddies did a good job of simply staying in front of their man and not allowing too many open looks. They switched on defenders when cutting up or under screens and closing out on defensive possessions by grabbing rebounds. 

They did a great job clogging up the passing lane and came up with a total of seven steals for the night. They converted them into immediate points and scored 14 points off turnovers alone. 

While they only blocked two shots on the night they did a good job challenging and limiting shots on the perimeter and changing shots once they got into the paint. The biggest concern was be the egregious amount of fouls we committed when attempting to change shots once they got in the paint. 

This could have a detrimental effect on the team throughout the season. We will need more proficient rim protection if we want to not only hold onto to leads but also keep our starting lineup on the floor and out of foul trouble. 

While this was only a small sample size and I would be getting ahead of myself by putting any sort of grand expectation on this team after on exhibition game, I liked what I saw. Our offense does a great job of moving the ball and getting it to our first, second, or even third options. 

We just need more evident scoring from our starters and our defense needs to work on its rim protection and defending in the paint without fouling. Three-point shooting seems to be a premium for this roster with multiple players showing the ability to hit from deep. 

I didn’t see enough midrange shooting to really get a grasp of how balanced the scoring trend for this team could actually be. All in all with the way the team looks as of right now, it’s shaping up to look like a good season. Below is a partial schedule of the upcoming men’s basketball games.