How we doin?

A progress report on the basketball teams. Story by Jordan Williams, Sports Editor

The Duke Wells Center has been in frenzy as of late. After taking a short break for Thanksgiving GAC basketball is back with a week full of action for both the men’s and women’s basketball teams. 

The Women’s team suited up first this week to take on Paul Quinn College in a quick non-conference matchup to shake off any rust that may have built up over the fall break. Unfortunately for Paul Quinn there wasn’t much rust to knock off. 

The Women’s team came out of this matchup in a 75 – 64 win displaying the same ball movement that makes this team so special, but at times it became problematic. They turned the ball over a total of 25 times while not forcing many turnovers themselves as the team as a whole only totaled 6 steals for the night. 

Haleigh Henson lead the way in this one with 21 points converting on 8/16 field goals and 4/9 from deep. 

Next up was Southern Nazarene, a team that has dominated conference opponents so far this season but hit a bit of a roadblock in the form of our Women’s team. The Reddies held out just fine winning their first GAC conference game in a 79 – 66 victory that all stemmed from an excellent first half that saw them go into halftime 29 – 38. A 13 to 3 run by the Reddies going into halftime was the undoing of Southern Nazarene. 

Though we only converted on 38.2% of our field goals for the night, our saving grace came from our ability to convert on a couple of much need 3 pointers and converting at the line once we got there. 

Haleigh Henson once again showed up and showed out as she again converted on 4/9 3 pointers for the night. 

There was one more team to be taken out by the Women’s team last week, and it came in the form of an Oklahoma Baptist team who did not realize just how red hot we were. 

Oklahoma Baptist University was dominated in an 85 – 61 blow as the Reddies ended the week with a 3 – 0 record at home coming away with back to back conference wins. 

This game was also a high mark for Haleigh Henson, previously mentioned and raved about, who ended the first quarter with 4 points that officially put her 1000 career points as a Reddie. 

The Women’s team as a whole played great this week. There was a couple of mishaps when it came to our field goal percentage and keeping control of the ball but those were all overcome in the end with their ability to lock down on defense and guard the perimeter. 

Our inside defense is still cause for concern though as we’re still having trouble guarding the paint without fouling but as long as we can keep teams from converting from deep at any sort of efficient rate we should be fine. 

The Men’s team played this week as well, but aside from showing up and playing, there is really much to report about. To put it politely, they did not play well in either of their games this week. 

Both of these matchups ended in bitter loses. Southern Nazarene served the first loss in an 84 – 52 blow out that saw the Reddies converting at a clip of 33.3% from the floor while southern Nazarene breezed past us. 

Next up was Oklahoma Baptist University which was a truly heart wrenching loss that came in overtime the final score being 81 – 79. What made it worse was that the heroic performance of Kaylon Tappin was all for not as his 32 point outburst wasn’t enough to come out of this one with a win. 

The downfall in both of these losses came in the form just overall poor play as a team. When it comes to defense, we just could not guard anyone. 

Both teams converted at great percentages from both floors and from deep, and recovered a total of 26 offensive rebounds.The Reddies were unable to keep either of the teams off the boards. 

Offensively we were stagnant as Kaylon Tappin and Josh Jones were the only two reliable players in either affair. The output of two players is usually not enough to get you through any game. 

There’s still a lot of games left to play and a lot of time to get it together but the Reddies need to do it soon before the bad habits we’re forming becoming our downfall.