Obituary – Henderson State University (1890-2022)



Henderson State University of Arkadelphia died on Monday, May 2, 2022 after succumbing to injuries sustained in a violent assault at the age of 132.
Henderson was born Arkadelphia Methodist College amongst the stalwart pine trees of Arkadelphia on March 24, 1890 to George Childs Jones and the Methodist Church, after half-sister Hendrix College. Beginning life as a religious institution, she became a state teacher’s college in 1929, and then expanded into new avenues in liberal arts. She changed her name multiple times in life before settling on Henderson State University in 1975.
Over her many, yet too few years she made friends all over the world and begat thousands of children. She was at once very successful in her field, and after choosing the name Henderson was able to make that name for herself. She also maintained a fierce, but playful rivalry with her neighbor Ouachita Baptist University (no relation).
She survived a fire in 1914, rescued by her children and friends. She was said after that night to have a “Reddie spirit,” after her favorite color, a name and idea which lives on past her. The endearing Reddie name also now belongs to her favorite sports teams–which she also owned–all of which are likely to become defunct soon without their longtime owner and benefactor.
In recent years she has not been a friend of national media, being at the center of a methamphetamine scandal and through no fault of her own finding herself in with the wrong crowd, including men who robbed her of her money and left her for dead.
She is preceded in death by many of her children, and survived by her half-sister, Hendrix College, and many more of her children too numerous to list here.