Hurricane Nicholas makes landfall


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Tropical Storm Nicholas overview

Tropical Storm turned hurricane Nicolas moved from the Gulf of Mexico into Louisiana and Texas over the past week. Sunday evening the rain began to hit coastal areas of the two states. Tuesday morning the storm made landfall as a Category one Hurricane along the Gulf Coast of Texas.

Flooding and high winds brought devastation to multiple areas. Flash flood watches left around six million from Texas to Florida expecting the worst. Rain continued to fall over the course of the week, the people were told if they received a flood warning to “Please take it seriously.”

A storm surge watch was put into effect for most of Texas’ coastal areas up to Houston. Thousands of Texans were left without power for many hours before it began to get restored. Many homes were destroyed by trees falling and the excessive rain mixed with high winds

Louisiana residents have still yet to recover from the Category four hurricane, Hurricane Ida, that hit just a couple weeks ago. Some residents do not know if they will be returning to Louisiana because of the destruction.

Hurricane season can last anywhere from May until October, so these back to back storms come at no surprise to the residents that live near the coasts. The Atlantic season hit its peak on September 10 with more storms expected to come.