Will Fisher

Lead singer and guitarist of Pinegrove Evan Stephens Hall performing.

Pinegrove is an indie rock group from Montclair, New Jersey that are about to release a new album this fall. In anticipation, they have released one single in both an acoustic and studio version titled “Orange”. The group is known for their emotion driven lyrics, but this song takes that in a new direction by commenting on current politics regarding climate change.

Evan Stephens Hall is the singer, guitar player, and writer of Pinegrove. He has never been afraid to express his political beliefs in his personal life and through social media platforms, including through Pinegrove, but he has never inserted them into his lyrics. He does love to discuss his love for nature through songs like “Neighbor”, which discusses the morality of hurting animals that roam the earth, but has never gone as far as directly talking about the politics of it all.

“Orange” is a direct reference to the wildfires of Oregon, and the imagery of the orange skyline. Hall uses the first verse to express his feelings to this situation. Feelings of confusion, sadness, and pain are very clear with lyrics like “I try to laugh, or sleep it off, that awful feeling something’s off.”

With the second verse, Hall recalls a story of him trying to warn his local senator about the effects and importance of climate change. His senator then just shrugs him off and tells him he “should feel happy” he even responded to Hall. Evan then comments on another political official who wrote a bill that he didn’t appreciate, and how the official bragged about killing criminals.

The chorus is just one line. “Today the sky is orange, and you and I know why.” Hall puts the blame of the climate crisis and the complacency with the lack of change on everyone, including himself.