Student health and wellness


Dafni Kalogeropoulou

Willica Morgan and Christopher Golston at the HTV studio.

Willica Morgan and Christopher Golston are student service counselor’s here at Henderson State University and they have teamed up with the Innovative Media department to give students videos pertaining to health and wellness.

“Each video will be about a different subject relating to mental health or self care,” stated Willica Morgan. The first video that will be produced, led by faculty members Paul Glover and Scott McKinnon, will be about suicide prevention given that Septemeber is suicide prevention month. Moving forward, the team hopes to produce at least two videos a month that deal with the specific topic relating to health and wellness for that month

“The purpose is to get the word out about mental health and to let people know how common it is. There’s a stigma around mental health and often people feel like they’re the only ones going through what they’re going through and they are afraid to talk about it with anyone. We want to break the stigma and let them know that there are people here that care and are willing to help,” said Willica.

The videos will be distributed to faculty and staff, and will also be added to the YouTube channel that will be created for the counseling center. They will also be spread among as many social media platforms as possible.

The student health and wellness center is open five days a week, but they advise you to make an appointment if at all possible. Do not forget to check out these videos because they might relate to you and they could help you. Willica stated, “If you are going through anything, don’t be afraid to come see us. If you know someone that is going through some things, don’t be afraid to encourage them to come talk to us as well. We are always here for you.”