Hurricane Ida aftermath


Alfonso Hinojosa

Aftermath of Hurricane Ida from passing through New Orleans.

The death toll rose over the past week as Hurricane Ida made landfall Sunday, August 29, 2021. The category 4 storm near Port Fourchon has been named the second most intense hurricane to go through Louisiana, behind Katrina in 2005. At its peak sustained winds reaching 150 mph ripping apart buildings and homes.

Governor Asa Hutchinson sent a message via Twitter that Civilian and National Guard resources from Arkansas were being sent to help emergency recovery efforts, “Neighbors help Neighbors”

“After the hurricane we got sent to New Orleans where we’re helping the local EMS run 911 calls,” says Pafford EMS, out of Hope, Arkansas, employee Alfonso Hinojosa.

Most of the cell phone providers were down Monday morning making it hard for families to reach one another, and people to call the ambulance. Hinojosa explains he believed there were over 80 people waiting for an ambulance, “but there’s not enough ambulances nor hospital beds for them due to being in the middle of a pandemic as well.”

The tropical depression has left devastation from Louisiana up to New York. There are more than a million people without power and needs such as drinkable water and food are at a low. Emergency fuel, grants, and help has been distributed through each state heavily affected.