Former Premier of the Soviet Union, Joseph Stalin believed that America would crumble without its patriotism, morality and spiritual life.

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Former Premier of the Soviet Union, Joseph Stalin believed that America would crumble without its patriotism, morality and spiritual life.

“America is like a healthy body,” said Joseph Stalin, former Premier of the Soviet Union. “And its resistance is threefold: Its patriotism, its morality and its spiritual life. If we can undermine these three areas, America will collapse from within.”

Many historians agree that the 1960s was a huge turning point in American culture. While Stalin was not around to see it, he would have been happy to see the massive social upheaval of that decade. That is when America first started showing symptoms.

Fast forward to 1991. The Soviets were still fresh off of their embarrassing decade-long military campaign in Afghanistan just two years prior. Republics inside the union were gaining independence and there was unrest throughout the evil empire.

On Dec. 26 of that year, the Soviet Union collapsed and broke up into 15 republics including the modern day Russian Federation.

It seemed as though America had won the day becoming the only remaining superpower in the world. Communism had spread to other nations, but surely the spread of this ideology was over and certainly the few communist nations left would not last nearly as long as the USSR.

That brings us to 2021. The Russians competed in the 2020 Olympics under the name “Russian Olympic Committee” just as they did in 1992, after the collapse of their country. America pulled out a last minute victory in the number of gold medals against the ever growing power of China (who is claiming Taiwan and Hong Kong’s medals to retain superiority).
The United States during Stalin’s time was patriotic, morally strong and mostly religious. Today children are taught by their parents to hate the American flag, morality is subjective and religion is on the way out the door.
Stalin probably believed, like communists of the time did, that the Soviet Union would last forever and usher in a new era of human history. However, looking through the lens of history, the 20th century belongs solely to the United States. Economists and political theorists have been predicting that China will overtake the US during the 2020s for a while now, but it is seeming more realistic than ever before in light of the current political climate.

The difference in today’s America and the America that won the cold war is threefold: We have no patriotism, we have no morality and we have no spiritual life.

We have put ourselves in the exact same position that the Soviet Union found itself just before its demise. The whole world has watched us destroy our own cities for over a year, accept defeat in Afghanistan and barely eke out a win at the Olympics. Worst of all, we’ve completely lost our moral compass and our religious heritage is being totally rewritten.

Meanwhile, China has been building relations with Africa, Europe and the Middle East through projects such as the Belt and Road Initiative, nicknamed the New Silk Road.

It looks to me as though China’s ascension to global superpower will be threefold as well. Through its new shipping lanes, its new railways and its new roads. Even apart from this megaproject, which spans more than 60 countries, China has been investing heavily in African nations by building much needed infrastructure such as dams and rail systems in return for political gain.

The world, including Europe, is no longer sure of America. We aren’t even sure of ourselves.

If patriotism, morality and spiritual life are what makes America healthy, then for the last two years we have been on life support and the past 10 years have been our slow decline in health. Whether we turn back to what made America the greatest country on earth or start the arrangements for the funeral is to be seen.