Kicking off the semester


Kolby Reck

Students of Henderson on the field for a night of kickball at Clyde Berry stadium.

The annual kickball tournament at Clyde Berry Field on Wednesday, August 18th was a huge success. The event was hosted by the Campus Recreation Center and was a great opportunity for students to engage with their fellow students and faculty. Street tacos and churros were served along with exhilarating fun.

“We’re with the BCM (Baptist Church Ministry) and we are here today because we love to compete. We hope to spread fellowship and share the love of God out here today,” said senior Nikeo Miguel.

The tournament lasted four hours while teams competed to play in the championship game. Along with teams were a lot more students who came out to support and enjoy the atmosphere.

“The whole point of this is to help some Freshmen have fun and to hopefully get them more involved in the community. We want them to know that us older classmen are here to help them and go through this college experience with them. We’re hoping to make their freshmen experience as good as ours,” stated senior Jarrod Fox.

The championship game involved the Bible Buddies and the football team. The Bible Buddies took the game four to one. The Bible Buddies team included some baseball players along with BCM members.

“It was a fun way to be active and engage with my friends but winning was just a bonus.” said Henry Coppens.

With all the stress that the first week of the semester brings, there was no better way to relieve that and enjoy the evening than playing kickball with fellow students. If you missed out, make sure to mark your calendar for the next kickball tournament.