AHS gym gets facelift


Blanton Matthews

The Arkadelphia High School gym has been upgraded with new flooring, scoring table and painted bleachers.

The Arkadelphia High School gym has been undergoing renovations this month. The work began the week of July 14 with the floor being replaced, resurfaced and repainted. Rails along the bleachers have been repainted, new wall padding has been put in place, a shiny new scoring table has been added, and a new Alma Mater sign has been installed in place of a decades old one.

Coach Donald Williams, athletic director of Arkadelphia Public Schools, said on Thursday that the work was “long overdue.” Prior to this, the most recent addition to the gymnasium was a new scoreboard that was installed in 2019.

“The fans and the kids are going to be really excited,” said Williams. “It adds a whole new dimension to the gym. Coach Klein has been instrumental. He’s been acting as my foreman on the project.”

In response to the compliment, Coach Johnathan Klein chucked in humility.
Klein is the head girls’ basketball coach at Arkadelphia High School. Klein also rolled out a long Badger blue mat along the gym floor sideline shortly before Williams entered the gym like a Hollywood red carpet.

In the next few weeks, the old basketball goals will be replaced with new ones that include shot clocks, new banners will be installed commemorating championship years, and even more Badger-head logo decals will be placed. No precise figure was given for the total cost of the renovations, but Williams and Klein estimated close to six digits.