Annual Hydrant Flushing Occurs in June


Arkadelphia Fire Department

Flushing occurs weekly on Mondays through the month of June by zone.

The Arkadelphia Fire Department began flushing fire hydrants on Monday, June 7 at 5 p.m. The flushing is scheduled to occur on Mondays throughout the month of June. Flushing, which is simply opening the hydrants to release water, is performed by “zones” with one area of the city getting its hydrants flushed each week.

By time of printing, roughly half of Arkadelphia will have had its hydrants flushed, from Sixteenth Street to the eastern city limit, as the downtown area was flushed on Monday June 14. On Monday June 21, hydrants in Zone 2, the northwest corner of town including the Feaster Park area will be flushed. The following Monday, June 28, the department will flush west of Sixteenth and roughly south of Pine Street, at which time annual flushing should be complete for the whole city of Arkadelphia.

Hydrant flushing is important for a couple of reasons. Firstly, it clears the line of any built-up sediment that has made its way into the water line in the last year. It also allows the department to accurately assess the rate of flow and make any further maintenance notes.
This schedule is of course reliant on good weather. While the first flushings went as planned, it is too early to tell for certain for the coming weeks. Currently though, there is no inclement weather predicted for Monday, June 21 or the week following, so prepare for flushing to occur as scheduled.

During the flushings, the Arkadelphia Fire Department asks that you turn off any ice makers and refrain from washing any white or light colored clothing, to avoid possible discoloration. However, discoloration would be the only inconvenience, as the water will be safe and clean enough to drink and use for other purposes.

Hydrant flushing begins Monday nights at 5 and lasts two to three hours to conclude at or before sunset.