Tails and Tales at Clark County Library


Clark County Library

The Clark County Library is hosting a summer reading program for children ages 0-12 called Tails and Tales.

The Clark County Library is hosting a summer-long program for children ages 0-12. This event, titled “Tails and Tales,” begins June 1 and ends July 31. Betsy Fisher, the Library Director, describes “Tails and Tales” as a program that will “focus on animals and animal stories.”


Each week, Tuesday-Friday at 2:00 p.m., children will have the opportunity to learn about animals through science, music, stories, and art.


On “Discovery Tuesdays,” staff will read a story then introduce a science-related skill and activity related to that story. Wednesdays are for “Music in the Library,” which will consist of learning musical concepts, songs, and dances. “Summer Story” will take place on Thursdays. Here, children will learn about various animals and their habitats through story-time. And on Fridays, the library will provide “Take and Make” activities for children to complete at home. A video will be made available on the Clark County Library Facebook page for instructions.


Along with daily activities each week, the summer program will also incorporate a reading challenge. Each child will receive a badge for every ten books read. This badge represents one entry into a drawing for their age group: ages 0-4, 5-9, or 10-12. Additional badges are awarded for each event the child attends.


At the end of the program, the library will host a drawing for each age group where the winner will receive a gift card.


For more information about the summer program or registration, visit the Clark County Library website at clarkcountylibrary.ar.gov.