MLB Division Predictions and World Series Winner


Andrew Cobb, Contributing Reporter

The shortened MLB 2020 season left many questions unanswered, and now has many fans wondering if 2020 can be used as a accurate predictor of what might happen in this 2021 season. In 2020 because of drastically shortened season, a few teams came out of nowhere to make the playoffs and put themselves in contention. In 2019 the Miami Marlins had a horrendous 57-105 regular season record which left sitting 40 games out of winning the NL East. In just one years time, and thanks to a shortened season due to COVID-19, they turned around and went 31-29 in the 2020 regular season. Their success in 2020 left many wondering if they would have the same success in 2021 as MLB returned to a full 162 game schedule. Many now believe that their question has been answered as the Marlins have come out of the gates slow on there way to a current 11-13 record. On the other end of the spectrum in 2019 the Houston Astros finished with an outstanding record of 107-55 and won the AL West 10 games ahead of the second place Oakland Athletics. The Astros came out in 2020 and finished second in the division with an average record of 29-31 which put them seven games behind the first place Athletics. This lead some to believe that the Astros 4 year streak of 100 win seasons would come to an end in 2021. Now after a slow start the Astros have won 5 out of their last 6 games and have put themselves in a position to contend for the division again in 2021.

Because of the shortened 2020 season and due to an offseason full of top players changing teams many are now struggling to make accurate predictions for division winners and World Series winners. I sat down two people who follow baseball adamantly and asked them there thoughts on the shortened 2020 season and there current predictions for the 2021 division winners and World Series Champion.

2020 Season takeaways and thoughts:

Daniel Cannon; “The shortened season definitely didn’t tell baseball fans which teams were the best and which teams were not. An example of this is the Tampa Bay Rays appeared in 2020 World Series and lost in seven games and are now sitting at an average .500 record and at third in their division.”

Sam Cannon; “2020 was a year for baseball that didn’t answer and honestly left me with more questions than I had before the season. Nobody including myself could’ve predicted teams like the Rays making the World Series, and I personally believe the chances of predicting the Miami Marlins to have a winning record and make the playoffs would’ve been one and a million.”

2021 Predictions:

AL East:
Daniel: Yankees “I think Aaron Judge finds a way to be somewhat consistent and Giancarlo Stanton comes around midway through the season to help the Yankees win enough games to edge out the Red Sox.”

Sam: Yankees “If I had to guess based on current record I would say the Red Sox, but it is my belief that the Yankees pitching rotation will gain some consistency and a big season from D.J. Lemahieu and Aaron Judge will win that team enough games.”

AL Central:
Daniel: White Sox “The addition of a monster bat in Yermin Mercedes puts that team in contention. Also don’t forget about Jose Abreu and Tim Anderson.”

Sam: White Sox “Although the Royals have gotten off to one of the hottest starts in baseball, the depth in the White Sox pitching rotation thanks to Michael Kopech recovering from an injury will lead that team to a division title.”

AL West:
Daniel: Astros “2020 was not an accurate depiction of how strong this team really is.”

Sam: Astros “In my opinion the loss of George Springer will not hurt this team in the long run, and I believe due to Astros playoff success they currently have the best chance to beat the Dodgers in a seven game series.”

NL East:
Daniel: Braves “Ronald Acuna Jr. and Freddie Freeman are a scary duo. This team could contend in any division in the league.”

Sam: Braves “This division could have three playoff teams, but in my opinion Acuna along with consistency from the supporting cast will put them team on top of the division.”

NL Central:
Daniel: Brewers “When Christian Yelich returns from injury he will immediately make this team a National League contender.”

Sam: Brewers “The surprise of the year so far has been Corbin Burnes. This team could be the team to prevent the Dodgers from making it back to the World Series.”

Nl West:
Daniel: “Dodgers.”

Sam: Dodgers “The Dodgers will win this division but the Padres could make it close.”

World Series Predictions:
Daniel: Dodgers vs White Sox (Dodgers win series 4-2)

Sam: Dodgers vs Astros (Dodgers win series 4-3)

Based on the predictions given by the two people I interviewed, the conclusion is the 2020 season cannot be used to accurately predict who will win each division.