Sexual assault reported on Wilson St.

Johnny Campbell, Chief of University Police

Johnny Campbell, chief of university police, sent the following notice to all Henderson State University students and faculty as a part of HSU’s commitment to providing campus-related crime information, in compliance with federal law, specifically the Jeanne Clery Crime Awareness and Campus Security Act.


On 4/12/2021, the HSU Police Department received a report of a fondling, a type of sexual assault, occurring at 1228 Wilson Street in the early morning hours of 4/11/2021.  The victim and the suspect are known acquaintances.


With no intent to blame victims of crime, and recognizing that only perpetrators are responsible for their criminal acts, the following are some strategies to reduce one’s risk for many different types of crimes.


Risk Reduction Tips:

How to Intervene Safely

If you’re in a social setting or at a party and you notice someone in an uncomfortable situation with another person, considering these possible actions:

·       Tell another person what you have noticed. Ask for help.

·       Walk over and start a conversation with the individual who seems bothered or tell them you need their help. Even if you don’t know the person you are trying to assist, they most likely realize that you are trying to provide them with “an easy exit.”

·       Ask the person who seems uncomfortable if they want to leave.  If they do, help them get home safely.

·       If a situation requires law enforcement intervention or if it feels unsafe for you to directly step in, contact the HSU police (870-230-5098 or 911) or yell for help.

Reddie Rides Will Provide You with Ride Around Campus During Designated Hours

If you have concerns about your safety on campus, you can request a free ride from our Reddie Rides service to and from buildings on campus, or to and from your vehicle to your residence hall. Assistance from Reddie Rides is available by calling 870-403-3068 during the following hours:

·       Sunday through Tuesday from 7PM to midnight

·       Wednesday 9:30PM to midnight

·       Thursday 7PM to midnight

HSU Police Department Also Provides Escorts Around Campus

If you have concerns about your safety on campus and it is outside of the Reddie Rides hours of operation, you can always request a free escort from the HSU Police Department to and from buildings on campus, or to and from your vehicle to your residence hall.   Contact the Henderson State University Police Department at 870-230-5098.

What is Sexual Assault?

As you look out for yourself and your friends, remember that sexual assault is any non-consensual activity, ranging from unwanted touching to forced intercourse.  Consent is a clear, conscious, willing, and affirmative agreement to engage in sexual activity.