The Return of Spring Break

This time last year 2020 Spring Break was forcefully and abruptly cancelled for everyone. With corona causing an uproar and spreading like a wildfire, the United States was on a nationwide lockdown, causing people to stay not only in their home state, but in their house. With a number of different COVID-19 vaccines available, and the number of cases beginning to stay at bay, “Spring Breaking” has made a comeback in 2021. This year Spring Breaking was nearly a must have for anyone who had the time to just get away. 


For athletes such as senior guard for the Men’s Basketball Team, Xavier Davenport, this was his first time experiencing Spring Break. “I’ve never gotten the chance to have a Spring Break, because the basketball post season usually continues on through Spring Break,” he said. During this break, X returned home to Brooklyn to see his family and friends, and traveled around New York participating in recreational activities. Some of the activities that he did were hanging out in Staten Island with friends, going Bowling and out to eat in Manhattan, and visiting his favorite restaurant for chicken and waffles named Sweet Chick. Although he got to get out and have fun in this pandemic, he could still notice the impact that COVID-19 is still having.  “ I was upset to find out that the Hat Club store as well as Regal Movie Theater in Manhattan are still closed due to corona,” he stated. This was a common theme that between the few people that I interviewed. Although they were restricted from doing certain things that were on their agenda they still made the most out of Spring Break. Shalamarr Benton’s restrictions were a little more unfortunate than Xavier’s.


Nicole is a full time student here at Henderson State, and for her Spring Break she went to Dallas for the week. “ I went down to Dallas to visit friends and to shop,” she stated. Her plans seemed so simple, but she still faced some adversity in them. She couldn’t really shop how she wanted, because the stores closed at 6, the malls were open, but the food court was the only service running past that time. These restrictions didn’t bother her until the last day, when she tried to go to the zoo and was turned around, because they closed at 4pm.


Tyra Smith was the last personI interviewed. Her Spring Break weekend was spent in Louisiana. She went on Bourbon Street in New Orleans and found out that they stopped selling liquor in all of Louisiana after 11. 


This Spring Break was a slightly restricted one, but at least it was given back. You don’t truly miss a great thing until it is gone.