Kind lawn care worker steps up to the plate


Nicholas Robertson

Robertson busy clearing the infield.

Beginning this past Valentine’s Day, Arkansas received a record-breaking amount of snow, exceeding the top five amounts of snowfall on record in the state. The snow fell periodically throughout the week of Feb 15., resulting in HSU’s closure of in-person classes and activities for the week and then some. For the most part, the campus was snowed-in.

While all of Henderson felt the effects of the winter weather, the HSU softball team was hit particularly hard as February is the primary month during its season. Their field was buried under several inches of snow, rendering virtually unusable.

Henderson reached out to Nicholas Robertson of Lazer-Lawn Care for assistance. Initially, HSU wanted to see if Robertson had any wheelbarrows that they could borrow from him in order to clear off the softball field, but he graciously offered to meet with staff at the softball field with all of his equipment in tow.

“I said, you know what, I’ll come out there tomorrow morning and meet you out there,” Robertson said.“I’ll take all my equipment out there and just help you clear all the snow off free of charge.”
When Robertson arrived, he got to work on his lawn mower.

“I lowered the deck down and I used it as a snow plow,” Robertson said. “That’s how I cleared off the outfield, and then we shoveled off the whole infield with wheelbarrows and snow shovels. I used the leaf blower and blew a lot of the snow off the field.”

Robertson was the only representative from Lazer-Lawn Care to come out to the softball field, but grateful Reddies showed up to help.

“The head softball coach came out there for a couple of hours,” Robertson said. “Then some of the softball girls came out and shoveled a little bit, too.”

They made relatively quick work of the formerly white field. The process took about five hours total.

Putting in the time to do this, free of charge no less, is altruism that embodies the Reddie Spirit.