McDonald’s in Caddo Valley receives some “lovin'”


Kelly Stiles

While McDonald’s is under construction, only one ordering drive-thru lane remains open.

“It’s definitely what McDonald’s would call a major renovation,” Tim, supervisor of the Caddo Valley McDonald’s said.

The McDonald’s restaurant on Valley St. in Caddo Valley is undergoing renovations to the exterior and interior of the building. Other than offering a modern look, the changes to the parking lot will provide more handicapped parking closer to the building’s entrance. These alterations are in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Outdoor construction began Feb. 22. Both the inside and outside of the establishment are projected to be completed in early April.

“I love interacting with people – employees and customers,” Steve Montgomery, McDonald’s franchise owner said.

Having been a franchise owner since 1987, Montgomery has endured a lot of change. He owns 10 McDonald’s restaurants in Ark., including one in Arkadelphia, Malvern, Hope, Magnolia, and DeQueen. Seven of these restaurants have already received similar improvements.

“Unfortunately, customers haven’t really been able to see the new insides,” Montgomery said. “I hope that changes soon.”

McDonald’s lobbies are closed to stop the spread of COVID. Montgomery is concerned about travelers who cannot sit down and eat. Fortunately for him and other franchisees and employees, however, 75% of business is from drive-thru anyway. Focusing all efforts on the drive-thru has made the service more efficient.

“It has its challenges from time to time,” Tim said. “But we take care of our guests as best we can.”
Despite disruptions from ongoing construction, the drive-thru remains open. Only one of the two ordering lanes is available in order to provide more space for construction workers to stay safe from moving cars. In addition, there is a chain link fence border enveloping construction zones.