A Trip to Spain: Art and design students took a trip abroad early this year

Story by Austin Hicks, Student Reporter Photos by Aaron O’Quin, Online Editor


 Over the course of Christmas break, Henderson State students had the opportunity to study abroad in Spain. A total of 14 students and two professors went on the trip. To qualify for this trip you had to be enrolled in advanced photography or art history. 

The group departed from the Little Rock airport on Jan. 4 and returned on Jan. 12. Aaron O’Quin. junior, digital arts and design was one of the accompanying students. 

O’Quin said that, over the course of the trip, the group visited four destinations. A good portion of the trip was filled with observing the architecture of Spain and visiting the historically significant places Spain has to offer. 

O’Quin also mentioned that he learned a lot about the culture. Two events O’Quin shared with me were going to visit the bath houses, and watching a flamingo dance. He stated that the dancing was “way more aggressive than I thought it was going to be.” 

He learned about their transport system recalling they had a great taxi system. The group of students even had the opportunity to ride on a bullet train. 

O’Quin also had some advice for students considering trips abroad. “I’d have to tell them to really make up their mind about it, if it was something they really wanted to spend their money on or anything like that. Look a little bit more into this place they were going to and see if there is any small aspect about it that they are even remotely interested in,” said Aaron, “I was mainly interested in going to Spain for the architecture and a little bit of the culture and I went and even though I was only interested in that little bit there was so much more that I saw.” 

If studying abroad is something you’re interested in, the Henderson website contains information about the upcoming trips. Belize, Canada, and Costa Rica are only a few of the places Henderson State will be traveling to with their students this upcoming summer.