67 Grill: Rock on the rocks

Story by Bundy Raines, Student Reporter

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 Approaching 67 Grill on Arkadelphia’s Main Street, the old, brick buildings lend authenticity to the down-home dive bar feel the place emits. The bar/restaurant’s owner, Stacey Morrison, and wife, Heidi, are now adding live music to the list of entertainment the place offers, including: an all-day open mic where aspiring musicians can earn tips, Karaoke every Friday night, and dollar shots for thirsty Thursday from 4:00 pm until 7:00 p.m.. 

67 Grill also offers a variety of food, your typical American fare. Morrison said the catfish is very popular, and also mentioned his prime rib and barbecue. Henderson students presenting a valid ID will receive a 10% discount. 

On February 24, 67 Grill will be featuring two local bands. Tickets to the event will be $5 and are available for pre purchase or on the night of the show. 

The opening act is Firing Pin, a fairly new southern-rock band, but well on its way according to Morrison. The headliner will be Subdue, who all sources hail as a group of bonafide badasses. 

“Those guys fu*****’ shred,” said Paul Glover, Associate Professor of Communication, who once played in a band called Sensory 2 with Subdue guitarist, Jimmy Norman. When asked about the ages of the members of Subdue, Morrison said “If they get any older, we’ll have to rename ‘em Past Due.” He then added “They’ve got twice as much energy as any band half their age.” 

While entering the building on February 24, one might catch a glimpse of Subdue’s lead guitarist, Jerimy Anderson, wielding a neon-green Paul Reed Smith and blasting out the searing solo from Sweet Child O’ Mine. 

One might feel an electrical energy emanating from the stage and fueling the crowd as they are worked into a rock n roll frenzy. “We move around a lot,” said guitarist, Jimmy Norman. 

“I don’t know how good we are, but we have a lot of fun. Wesley is the one people come to see. He’ll run out into the crowd.” 

He was referring to wild frontman, Wesley McDaniel, who is reputed to have an incredible voice range. Dr. Glover alleged that he’s able to hit the high notes in Whitesnake’s “In the Still of the Night”. 

Other Subdue band members include: Joe Boyer on bass, Brett Ivy on rhythm guitar, and Ashton Kidder on drums. Norman said they usually start with a classic rock feel and become heavier as the night progresses. 

Morrison expressed gratitude to both bands for adding flavor to his growing establishment and reflected upon 67 Grill’s humble beginnings. Once just a roadside food truck in the Friendship/Dalton area, Morrison’s 67 Grill has found a new home in downtown Arkadelphia. 

It’s here to stay and perhaps even rival Hot Springs eateries in the minds of Arkadelphians. “I want everybody in this town to let Arkadelphia be the first place they think of when they decide they want to go out for dinner,” Morrison said. “We’ve got some nice places here, serving up good food.”