Reddie Spirit surpasses stormy weather


Kaela McKim

Mykiah Overstreet releases her inner artist at the impromptu “Color Me Cupid” event.

With the inclement weather in full force on Feb. 11, it was no surprise to have classes and on campus events cancelled, postponed, or moved online. Despite the cold, rainy day, other plans were put into action. Coordinated by the university’s resident advisors and hall directors, events were hosted in each building where students live that would allow for a safe and warm activity to brighten spirits. In Sturgis Hall, “Color Me Cupid” was created to allow students to color Valentine’s Day themed pictures, eat snacks, and drink hot chocolate.


“We wanted to give the residents some entertainment on this snow day,” Sturgis Hall residence assistant Mykiah Overstreet said. “With some snacks and coloring, we thought it would be a good opportunity to have students relax and destress.”


Overstreet also explained that even though weather changed the plans of the day, the event added positivity when needed most. The gloomy day did not seem to matter as much when friends, snacks, hot chocolate, and Valentine’s Day coloring came together.


“I wanted to come down here to have some fun, color, and get snacks,” senior Sturgis resident Joey McPherson said. “I’m glad I came because it’s nice to be around friends and enjoy our time together.”


McPherson said that due to his day of classes being cancelled and tests being postponed, he was grateful to have a chance to relax and have more time to study. Bad weather does not have to result in a bad day. This was the perfect opportunity to make his girlfriend a colored picture straight from the heart.


“This event was last minute, but it came together quickly, efficiently, and turned out great,” Ashley Childs, an area coordinator for the housing department, said. “The director of housing requested that events be made for each student living building so that they can have something to do inside without worrying about weather.”


With more icy cold days coming in the next week, extra ideas to host events like Color Me Cupid were made in case classes are cancelled or moved to remote instruction again. Residents can stay in the same building that they live in to have the chance of connecting with friends and peers while also enjoying a cup of hot chocolate. It is safe, warm, and makes the day a little brighter.