Huie Library’s “Blind Date With a Book”


Juliann Reaper

After walking into the library, turn around. “Blind dates” are waiting around the corner.

As you enter the library, a shelf with books wrapped in red, pink, and purple paper greets you. Each one is a potential “blind date” with a book. I started my blind date on Feb. 4 and my book and I are getting along quite well.


As a single young lady with no better way to spend the holiday, I have found reading a new book to be a relaxing and fun way to spend Valentine’s season. I got the book “Don’t You Dare Read This, Mrs. Dunphrey” by Margaret Peterson Haddix and have read about half of it.


Each wrapped book has a description and something to draw the reader’s attention, but does not disclose the title or other identifying factors.


There are books of every topic including romance, LGBTQ and feminist themed poetry, Black Lives Matter, dark humor and suspense, books with content warnings, books about family issues, and more.


This is the perfect activity for a reader who is single or taken and wants something to do for the holiday. There is fun for everyone, no limit to the story you might get.


The library is hosting this event until Feb.14 or until wrapped books run out. Personally, my book was worth the read, and it was something I would never have picked up without it having been a blind date.


Also, there is an opportunity to win a cheap date on Club Huie. They want to know about your experience with a blind date. Rate your date at and tell them how it went.


You can share your blind date with them on social media, too. Tag @HSUHuitLibrary on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.