COVID update


Jasmyn Gordon

Carrington Furlow works diligently while wearing a COVID-safe mask.

Though we have a vaccine now, COVID has not begun to fade as of yet. There is speculation from members of the community that while we are trying to slow it down, we have no way of knowing how long it will be before we actually begin to see it fade away.


As of Jan. 28, there have been 100,200,107 confirmed COVID cases, including 2,158,761 deaths, across the globe reported by the World Health Organization. In the United States, we have had 25,198, 841 confirmed cases and 421, 570 deaths.


Information regarding Arkadelphia and surrounding areas is from the CDC and HSU websites. In the past seven days, Clark County has had 99 cases which is a -20.16% change and less than 10 deaths.


There have been only 9.81% positivity which is a -0.53% change and testing volume is 734 which is -7.44% change. There are no new hospital admissions or beds, and the same goes for ICU beds. This is a -100% change.


On our campus, as of Jan. 29, we have had three student tests at the Campus Clinic. Only one student and one faculty/staff member currently positive test results. There are, however, still three students with pending tests, four student campus isolation cases, and eight student campus quarantine cases.


Overall, since July 1, 2020 there have been 220 positive student cases and 31 positive faculty/staff cases in total.
These numbers were the current numbers as of Jan. 29 and represent the previous 24 hours.


However, things may have adjusted since then. Those who have been quarantined may still be instructed to be tested and it is possible that not all cases have been self-reported to the school. But with the information provided to us, this is the best possible analysis of the information. More updates are to come. Stay Reddie and stay healthy.