An inauguration like none other


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President Joe Biden was sworn into office alongside Vice President Kamala Harris as former President Donald Trump was nowhere to be found.

Another Presidential election has officially concluded with Joe Biden taking the position of the 46th President of the United States on Jan. 20, 2021. President Biden is now serving as the oldest President to date while Kamala Harris is the first female and person of color as Vice President.

“Watching the inauguration was a powerful moment, not only for me, but for history,” said Brennan Shamburger, a senior at Henderson. “It was an incredible moment watching glass ceilings shatter in front of me . . . I hope his presidency will bring unity back into the lives of the American people.”

Shamburger, who is also a senator for the student government at Henderson, went on to say that now Biden is President, she hopes that our country can make strides to become less divided and that he can help bring more jobs and money back to the American people.

“It was strange to see a relatively small crowd wearing masks, but such is life under COVID-19.” said political science professor W. Martin James. “I thought it was important that, as a nation, we demonstrate our democratic traditions – one of the most important being the peaceful turnover of power from the last President to the new President.”

“President Biden gave a conciliatory speech emphasizing that we are all Americans living in a working, viable democratic system. He also sought to heal some of the divisions that have plagued this nation brought about by both the Democratic and Republican parties.”

James made a point that is strange how former PresidentTrump was not at the inauguration, and although it is not required per the constitution, it would have added to the democratic process by which the American people live.

“Of all the inaugurations I’ve seen over the years this was by far the most interesting. Partially from Covid-19 restrictions and partially all of the events that have led up to it,” said Arkadelphia resident Wendy Jackson. “However, I really enjoyed both Biden’s and Harris’ speeches. They showed class despite what has been happening and I hope continuing on we can all move forward.”