Reddies Thrown off Course by UAM

The Weevils Emerged Victorious, Reddies Being Unable To Recover


Teuana Smith, Sports Reporter

For this season’s first game against Arkansas-Monticello (3-1, 2-1 GAC), Henderson State (1-2 GAC) took an unexpected hit. Within three minutes of the first half, The Reddies ignited the game with a 7-2 run. The Boll Weevils of Arkansas-Monticello would catch up and tie the game at seven points.

As the game went on, a regained HSU lead slipped away, and the Weevils got the upper hand and kept it. The Reddies struggled keeping possession, giving Arkansas-Monticello a four-point lead eight minutes in. Raekwon Rogers, the Reddies’ senior forward, tried to gain a bit of traction with a quick layup bringing the score to 11-9. 

Henderson successfully had their opponents on lockdown, until Denzel McDuffie from Arkansas-Monticello made a dunk.  The teams toggled back and forth between steals and turnovers until Damian Deer, HSU’s newcomer junior guard, broke the trend with a field goal. Rogers gained momentum with five minutes left to get HSU back on the scoreboard with a lay up, moving the score to 16-26. 

Henderson needed to keep that momentum going in order to fix the 15-point (19-34) deficit looming right under four minutes remaining in the half. A foul from the visiting team gave the Reddies the opportunity to gain a few extra points, with a layup from Rogers and a three-pointer by Dear. In The last 10 seconds of the half, Rogers and Dear return with layups ending the first half with UAM ahead, 42-32.

Jeremiah Toney, Reddies’ senior forward, pops out with a jumper to begin the second half, and Rodgers scores right behind him, bringing the count to 42-36. With Arkansas-Monticello still hustling to keep their lead, Dajuan Jones made a three-pointer. However, Malik Riddle, junior guard for Henderson, fired back with a three-pointer of his own (41-49).

The Reddies gained the upper hand defensively when they halted the Weevils from scoring for up to two minutes with about 8 minutes left to play.  Rogers stepped into foul trouble with his third personal foul, just minutes into the second half. Nevertheless, both teams continued to add to the scoreboard bringing the total to 53-43 in favor of UAM.

Both teams struggled for a good minute trying to gain the next point. Miles Daniels threw up a three-pointer, and once again Riddle responded with the same, giving him 10 personal points thus far. 

As the game entered the home stretch, the Reddies were doing a good job lowering Monticello’s intensity by keeping the Weevils’ top shooters from scoring often. Meanwhile, Rodgers threw in another field goal and-one midway through the quarter. The Reddies were having a hard time shaking back, due to the severity of their deficit.

Near the end of the game, Dear suffered an injury, leaving Tony to substitute his free throws, ending Dear’s night. Riddle bounced back with another three, and soon after, Tony added a layup and a three-pointer with two minutes and twenty seconds left in the game (67-79). Xavier Davenport, senior guard, came up with a nice drive in the last minute, with another layup and a three-pointer.

Ultimately, the Reddies could not recover as the Weevils left with a 87-74 victory. Rogers ended the game with 22 points. Riddle finished with a double-double of 16 points and 10 rebounds, with Dear contributing 15 points, and Toney capping off the night at 13 points. 

The team looks to get back on track in their next home game on January 21 against Arkansas Tech.