One women making history in the MLB

History had been mande in the MLB with Kim Ng as the new Marlins General Manager

History had been mande in the MLB with Kim Ng as the new Marlins General Manager

Haley Spicer, Sports Reporter

In the sports world, women have come a long way in earning the respect of the sports world and not just in journalism, but in being able to coach. The latest woman to make headlines is Kim Ng who will serve as a general manager for the Miami Marlins which makes her the first female and Asian American general manager in Major League Baseball History. Despite how random the year 2020 has played out, there are still things happening that are worth shedding a light on such as this huge accomplishment.

Jeff Passan took to Twitter to acknowledge how big of a move this was. He said “Forget just baseball. A woman never has been the general manager of a major American professional sports team period until King Ng was hired by the Miami Marlins today. Their CEO is Caroline O’Connor. 

The Marlins’ three highest-ranking officials are two women and an ex-shortstop”.

This move by the Marlins shows how impactful and imperative women can be when they are given an opportunity. Women are starting to get rewarded for their efforts that have been going on behind the scenes. This notion is one step closer to minimizing the gender pay gap and gender inequality and it can serve as a ripple effect not only for other teams but for other professional sports.

Before being a general manager for Miami, she was a senior vice president of baseball operations for the major league baseball for 3,285 days which equates to nine years, nearly a decade. She got close to being a general manager when she was the assistant general manager for both the New York Yankees and Los Angeles Dodgers. Both of those teams were successful as they made the playoffs eight times and captured the World Series title three times collaboratively.

There was nothing but good things that were spoken highly of her presence. Bruce Sherman, who is the principal owner and the ownership group as a whole said, “We look forward to Kim bringing a wealth of knowledge and championship-level experience to the Miami Marlins”.

Derek Jeter, who is the Chief Executive Officer of the Miami Marlins added his insightful words to her as well saying, “Her leadership of our baseball operations team will play a major role on our path toward sustained success”.

Kim is 51 and her story says that her accolades and success in many different positions has no age to it.