Destress during this mess


Teuana Smith

Playing mobile games such as Tetris can reduce anxiety by providing brain distraction.

During these times, the struggle of finding something to relieve stress is real. Due to COVID-19, everything has changed. You cannot go hangout with a group of friends or go to a concert to take things off your mind. Many places that people might go are closed as well. So what now?


There are still many things students can do to de-stress despite COVID restrictions, especially with finals approaching.


Play games on your phone
Things that challenge the mind and completely distract you from the stresses of your everyday life such as Sudoku and Tetris can reduce stress.


Color a coloring book or work on a puzzle
These things seem simple and to many people coloring seems childish but there are many adult coloring books that are more complicated. If you can’t spend money, take yourself a five dollar bill and go to Dollar Tree. they almost always have puzzles and coloring stuff.


You do not have to get up and go to the gym. There are fun and simple exercises you can do at home. Turn on some music and dance, do jumping jacks, or go for a walk around campus. Just moving can raise endorphins which reduces stress in the body.


Play games online with friends
One multiplayer game is Magic Arena, which is a Magic the Gathering that you play online. Dungeons and Dragons can be played virtually via Zoom or Discord for those who want to delve into role playing.


Play Pokemon Go
Though the initially popular app has lost its place in the spotlight, many groups of people continue to play. You can do it without ever spending money, and there are a ton of stops, gyms, and Pokemon on and around campus to make the fun easily accessible.