Dog distraction: Students walk dogs from Humane Society


Kaela McKim

Ash the puppy receives leash training before he is sent to his forever home in Connecticut.

On Nov. 10 the Collegiate Recreation Society hosted an event dedicated to walking dogs at the Humane Society of Clark County. Over fifteen people attended to love on dogs of all breeds and ages, but especially those who were ready to be adopted and were in need of leash training. This was a group event, but the Humane Society still offers the options of people to check out a dog to walk or even to “adopt a dog” for a day during their business hours.


“I heard about the dog walk through a reminder Dr. Martin sent to my leadership class,” said junior sports management major Nikeo Miguel. “This is a really nice opportunity to play with ones that need it, and I get to relax, too.”


Miguel also explained that his dog back at home is getting older, though he cannot have a pet in his dorm. Events like this are great for when he wants to be around some puppies. He also mentioned that being able to volunteer is a way to help relieve stress and anxiety.


“That was my first time at the Humane Society but I think I’m going to start coming more often,” said sophomore chemistry major Tess Akin. “These dogs need some love and I think there’s no better way to do it than to walk them and to volunteer when you can.”


Akin then went on to explain that she read about the event from the student engagement center posts and that she urges others to look out for more potential dog walking events.


“I’m a member of the Collegiate Recreation Society but I’ve been volunteering here for a while because I just love the puppies,” said senior hospitality major Payton Davis.


Davis also mentioned that even though volunteering at the Humane Society can count as community hours, to her it is all about helping the dogs that serve as the reward.


The Humane Society of Clark County is open 12 to 4pm Tues. through Fri., 10 am to 4 pm on Sat., and closed Sun. and Mon. They take any volunteers to help care for the daily needs of dogs and cats at the shelter or to adopt for a day. The Society also accepts donations such as paper towels, cleaning supplies like bleach, non-clumping kitty litter, or monetary donations.