Dallas caught peeking through the steel curtain


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Jaylon McEwen, Sports Reporter

The NFL just finished up their 9th week of playing and the Steelers undefeated streak was put to the test out in the great state of Texas. Dallas has been struggling all season, but they showed no fear against the number one team in the league. With Dak Prescott out for the season and back up Andy Dalton still recovering from a concussion, Dallas was forced to start 3rd best quarterback Garret Gilbert.


The Steelers on the other hand were completely healthy and looking to take advantage of the injury-plagued Cowboys. However, as the game started the Cowboys looked to make a statement and instantly impose their will on Pittsburgh. The Cowboys, whose defense has been a bit lackluster this season forced the Steelers to punt on their first drive.


Dallas then took possession of the ball giving Gilbert his first start of the season. Gilbert looked like a true professional on his first drive of the season. Dallas however could not find their way into the endzone their first drive either. They did however manage to put Greg Zuerlein into a good enough position to line up a 38-yard field goal right down the middle. Gilbert also managed to complete four out of five passes before being sacked.


Dallas continued to harass Pittsburgh on their next drive forcing yet another punt. Dallas was not so lucky on their next drive either which also resorted to a punt. Pittsburgh then proceeded to struggle on yet another drive. They were faced with a 4th and 1 opportunity that they failed to convert giving Dallas a decent field position. On this drive, Gilbert managed to find rookie receiver Cee Dee Lamb in the endzone on a blown coverage by the Pittsburgh secondary. Dallas managed to get the ball back on a punt that led to yet another field goal putting them up 13-0.


With Dallas in the lead late in the 2nd quarter, Ben Roethlisberger looked to get his team on the board with a promising drive. However, during that drive, Roethlisberger sustained an injury from a sack in the backfield to his left knee. Big Ben still chose to finish the drive after notifying the sideline that he was going through knee pain. As the Steelers marched down the field and into the endzone Roethlisberger was showing a noticeable limp. Sadly, despite scoring a touchdown Steelers veteran kicker Chris Boswell failed to make the extra point attempt.


After the Steelers touchdown drive Roethlisberger immediately went to the locker room to be examined as the Steelers defense stepped onto the field. The Steelers defense got the job done forcing rookie receiver Lamb to fumble just before the half. With Roethlisberger still in the locker room, Steelers backup Quarterback Mason Rudolph leads the team down the field. Boswell managed to make a franchise and personal best record kick of 59 yards taking the Steelers into the half trailing 9-13.


Dallas came out of the half settling for two more field goals while the Steelers continued to gain more momentum throughout the game. Roethlisberger returned to the game leading yet another scoring drive with a touchdown pass to star receiver Ju-Ju Smith-Schuster. The Steelers defense then continued to display again why they are the number one ranked defense in the league getting the ball back with a goal-line pick from Minkah Fitzpatrick.


Dallas’s turnover then leads to a field goal from Pittsburgh that places the Cowboys lead at just one. Pittsburgh eventually gets the ball back after forcing Dallas to punt yet again, which leads to an amazing touchdown from Eric Ebron hurdling a defender into the end zone giving the steelers a lead. Dallas’s last chance at a victory is denied when Fitzpatrick breaks up a Hail Mary pass sealing the game and giving the Steelers an 8-0 record and their best season start in franchise history.