Awesome Autumn activities


Teuana Smith

Celebrate the colorful season of Fall safely and enjoyably.

Play a homemade version of the popular game “Among Us” with Friends or Family

1. Randomly draw who will be the imposter.
2. Add costume pieces to make a fun disguise
3. Create a list of tasks either cleaning, exercise, or just something silly like doing cartwheels.
4. Turn the lights off and give everyone a flashlight if inside.
5. If a body is found, report it and try to figure out who the imposter is.
6. Remember if you are the body found, you are not allowed to speak with active players.
7. Keep playing until the imposter is exposed or all the tasks are finished.


Read stories and make s’mores by the fire
1. Gather your friends and/or family for an entertaining night out by the fire.
2. Pick a story to read whether it be spooky or comedic.
3. Make some yummy smores while you’re at it


Host a Teleparty for FREE
Teleparty presents a new way to watch a tv show or movie with your friends right in the comfort of your room by synchronizing the screens. You can use Netflix, Hulu, Disney, and HBO to stream hundreds of options included with a group chat.

1. Download Teleparty
2. Pin teleparty to Google Chrome Toolbar
3. Choose a tv show or movie
4. Open Teleparty to host or join a party
5. Pick a fun user icon and nickname
6. Enjoy the show!


Take a Camping Trip
1. Find a group of willing participants
2. I would not suggest going alone
3. Pitch a tent at a safe spot in the woods or the backyard
4. If in the woods, go for a hike until it gets dark.
5. Make a fire for warmth and food
6. Cook or grill your favorite camping meal and don’t forget the smores 🙂
7. Play games like flashlight tag


Find a way to better yourself and the community
This is a new season to add a new skill, volunteer, or get a few-adulting responsibilities out of the way. There are plenty of new skills to choose from so why not learn something to add to your resume. Volunteer at a local food bank, dog shelter, or etc. to help build the community and its citizens. This is a great time to learn how to handle your adult business the proper way such as your taxes before the decline approaches next year.