Clemson’s Toughest Challenge Yet

The Nation’s #1 Team Goes to Battle Without Their Veteran Quarterback


Clemson QB Trevor Lawrence

Donovan Lee, Sports Editor / HTV Station Manager

After pushing for the college football season to go on through the pandemic, the possibility that evaded the Clemson Tigers finally caught up to them. Just days before their game against conference foe Boston College, Clemson’s starting quarterback Trevor Lawrence was notified that he had tested positive for COVID-19.

For any program, this would be a catastrophic word to receive, but for a program like Clemson, who has appeared in four of the six national championship games during the College Football Playoff era, obstacles like these are obsolete. With the prestige that they have accrued over the past five years, high school recruits have made Clemson a recurring option in their top schools to choose from.

For Trevor Lawrence, this has paused his journey to another championship, but for backup DJ Uiagalelei, this was his debut and chance to make a lasting first impression. Against a 3-3 Boston College team, the Clemson understudy would either keep the Tigers’ undefeated and atop the college football world, or he would provide a reason to debate why Trevor Lawrence is immensely valued by the Clemson football program.

The Eagles took to the air, scoring the first points of the game from quarterback Phil Jurkovec to Zay Flowers for eleven yards to the endzone. Clemson tailback Travis Etienne would return the favor and notch the score at seven apiece, reiterating why he is one of the premier rushers in all of college football. The rest of the first half would be to the concern of all, as Boston College would dominate the first thirty minutes of regulation, leading by 15 at the break.

For Clemson to avenge their first-half deficit and remain unbeaten, they had to regroup and capitalize on every possession. The game trend would reverse in the favor of the Tigers, dismantling the Eagles lead. Boston College’s hope of an upset slowly disappeared as all the scoring action of the third and fourth quarters were accounted for by Dabo Swinney’s group from South Carolina. The Tigers’ undefeated record would remain intact by defeating Boston College 34-28 in comeback fashion.

The orange prowlers will have to survive another test without leader Trevor Lawrence on the gridiron with them, this test being their greatest yet against a fourth-ranked Notre Dame team that has joined the ACC for the season to protect their championship hopes from the destructive tendencies of COVID-19. The game will air Nov. 7 on NBC at the 6:30 p.m. slot, being played at Notre Dame Stadium in Indiana.