Life without football


Jaylon McEwen, Sports Reporter

With the emergence of COVID-19, this season fans were left devastated when they found out their beloved Reddies were no longer going to have a season. What are the diehard fans doing now you might ask? Certainly not enjoying any other form of collegiate football within the town of Arkadelphia, Arkansas. Except for the help of a few local Reddie scrimmages, of course, just to give the fans a little joy before the next semester. 

However, it is still a good idea to dive within the local crowd of students just to get a good idea of how everyone is spending their time. Possibly finding out if the student body managed to pick up some new hobbies maybe even seeing if they discovered a secret passion. It is always a good time to get out and explore your community and all who may share it with you (at a safe social distance of course).  

The first student who was gracious enough to tell us all about her Football free semester was Senior Psychology major Mar’Quesia Gillis.  While most people find their time binging shows and tuning into reruns Gillis managed to find a deep connection to cooking.  

“I used to go to all of the home games, but now with COVID-19 in the way of all that I just decided to go ahead and bury myself within the kitchen,” Gillis said. 

Cooking is one way to certainly pass time if you are having trouble finding new hobbies to take up during this quarantine season. Especially if you are notoriously bad at it, there is no time like the present to perfect your craft. Cooking is not the only hobby that was discovered by students during this pigskin deprived semester. 

Senior Elementary Education major Kaliyah Knoble found a hobby that she never imagined she would like. Knoble admitted that she had always been a fan of dancing, but she never thought she would fall into the Tik Tok dancing trend. 

“At first I thought the whole thing was pretty corny and all that, but when I made my own and saw the finished product, I couldn’t help but make more,” Said Knoble. 

So if you are having trouble finding the right time killer to help you get through this vacant season, take these stories as an encouragement to step outside the box and find your own hobby.