Khabib calls it quits

Khabib calls it quits

Jaylon McEwen, Sports Reporter

Over the past couple of weeks, the world of UFC was blindsided by the announcement of Khabib Nurmagomedov’s sudden retirement. Nurmagomedov had just finished defending his title against fellow fighter Justin Gaethje when he decided to announce to the world that it was his final fight. This was Khabib’s first fight after the sad passing of his late father. Khabib had made the promise to his family that after his current title defense that he would never fight again. 

However, with Nurmagomedov’s departure from the sport, many fans are stuck wondering what could have been with some of his unsettled rivalries. The main one being of course with top headlining fighter Conor McGregor. For those that missed out on these two competitors’ last match, a lot of personal things were said outside of the ring before the fight that produced a lot of controversies.

This controversy then spilled over to the fight that led to the most talked-about UFC finish in the sport’s history. Directly after Khabib won by submission in the 4th round all hell broke loose. Members of the Nurmagomedov team proceeded to jump inside the ring and attack McGregor immediately after the fight was called. With so much unresolved conflict left out on the mat, fans feel as if they are being left unsatisfied with the fact that there will possibly never be a rematch between these two fierce fighters. 

Not only do the fans feel unsatisfied, but so does UFC light heavyweight legend Johnny “Bones” Jones. Jones took to Instagram a few days after the retirement of Nurmagomedov when fans began claiming that he is undoubtedly the greatest fighter in the history of the sport. Jones of course drew disrespect from these comments because he believes that he has more valuable accolades than Nurmagomedov. Jones was the youngest title bearer in UFC history and won a total of 15 title fights over his still ongoing career. However, Khabib has dominated the sport in a fashion never seen before, going an amazing 29-0.