Students “show” sweet-sounding skills


Juliann Reaper

Adrien Hernandez plays a wind instrument through his mask.

Instruments and singing voices filled the air at the Music Department Showcase on Tues., Oct. 13. Following the faculty Music Department Showcase which took place weeks prior, the performance was much anticipated by students and faculty alike.

Juliann Reaper

Student performer Dustin Lykins expressed that having the performance outdoors, since this particular performance has always been outside, was not a life-altering change. The event held the same amount of excitement for Lykins, regardless of COVID-19 guidelines such as wearing masks and distancing from other people. Performer and senior theatre arts major Adrien Hernandez disagrees.

“It is harder to play due to COVID-19 because they must wear masks while they play and they must be distanced from each other,” Hernandez said. “It also makes it harder to listen and is really inconvenient.”

Music consisted of a mixture of instrumental and lyrical, some of which contained a sing-song quality, causing the crowd to sing along.

While singing with masks proved to be a struggle for many students, the quality of sound did not appear to suffer.

Dr. Dimond performs alongside his students. (Juliann Reaper)

Dr. Rick Dimond, professor of music, aided in the management of the showcase and enjoyed doing so immensely. Throughout the event, Diamond reports “losing himself” in the music as it moved him emotionally.