COVID update: A professor’s heart


Haven Hughes, Contributing Reporter

According to the Henderson State University COVID dashboard we have 26 pending tests, and two actively positive cases on campus. Including the two, there has been a total of ninety-seven positive cases since July. We currently have twenty-two students in quarantine.


“Due to increases in testing, reporting to other agencies, and the possibility that not all cases are self-reported to Henderson State University or relayed from other public sources to Henderson, the information above may not include all cases of COVID-19 among the Henderson State University community,” as stated on the COVID dashboard.


The information on the dashboard is updated Monday through Friday every 24 hours, and is the most recent information to Henderson’s knowledge. There is also a self reporting form that is strongly encouraged for staff, faculty, and students to fill out for symptoms and positive cases.


COVID-19 is taking its toll on students, as well as faculty members. 


“It is difficult to fully describe how much COVID has impacted my teaching and life in general,” communications professor Dr. John Price said. “It has shown me just how much I took for granted the bond we form with our students through casual conversations before class starts, in-class discussions, and even the physicality of being in the same room as others” 


Price expresses that seeing his students in person helps him accurately gauge how they are doing academically and personally.


“It has been jarring, to say the least, to adapt to the times we live in,” Price said. “I often worry that students who might otherwise succeed in the classroom feel as though they cannot live up to their potential and are now second-guessing their decisions. Not due to a fault of their own, but because of the radically different landscape that COVID has forced upon us.”


While Zoom and phone calls help him interact with students, Price is left wanting a deeper interaction after every adjournment.


“We are in this together, and all of us need to be prepared to lean on one another during these difficult times,” Price said.


Henderson still has a mask mandate enforced, and is following all CDC recommendations to be able to keep us as safe as possible.