Henderson State Men’s Basketball championship rings


Haley Spicer, Sports Reporter

The Reddies men’s basketball team received their Great American Conference Championship Rings on October 9, 2020. Although their season was cut short back in March by the pandemic, they missed out continuing to play in the NCAA Division 2 playoffs. However, being crowned the conference champions in a tough division is worth celebrating. The ultimate goal at the beginning of the season is to always become the champions and win a ring. Although, winning a ring is never easy and it requires heart, dedication, and determination throughout the entire season. The rings are stunning with a silver frame that fills the front of the ring with diamonds and the Henderson State University logo in red followed by 2020 GAC Champions. On one side of the ring, it displays the NCAA logo and the last name of the player. The other side of the ring shows the mindset of the teams which is “Team Together” with the GAC logo in red and blue as well as the record of 23-8.

Head Coach Jimmy Elgas said this before the rings were given out “We’re so proud of you guys for what we’ve accomplished now as we talked about, it’s a fine line between celebrating the past but looking forward to the future”. The rings show that it can be accomplished, and it sets the bar even higher for the following season to do just that. Although some of the players that are on the current roster were not on last year’s team and did not receive a ring. The ring ceremony gives them the motivation to work harder to get one. Some of the players that did receive a ring from being on the team, it might have been their first ring and it shows that all of their hard work paid off because the ultimate goal was to win a ring.