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Haley Spicer, Sports Reporter

The National Football League has been one of the top professional sports leagues that have battled COVID-19 cases. There have been numerous teams that have had to cancel games or reschedule games due to members of the team testing positive. One of the major adjustments that the NFL has had to follow is to make sure the coaches wear masks during the game. If a coach fails to properly wear their mask during the duration of the game, the organization as a whole will be fined. The NFL has already had to cancel their preseason due to COVID-19. As more cases continue to increase and spread across NFL teams, the regular season will last longer which could affect the postseason. 

The NFL used to have games only on Sundays, Mondays, and Thursdays before the postseason. However, now games are being played on Tuesdays and sometimes multiple games on Mondays instead of the regular schedule with one game. A few of the teams that have positive cases include the Tennessee Titans, Kansas City Chiefs, and New England Patriots. The teams that are scheduled to play against these teams have been affected by having to have additional bye weeks. If the NFL had gone with a bubble approach like the NBA and followed their guidelines the number of positive cases could be decreased. The NBA was very successful in handling COVID-19 as a whole as well as managing the cases. The NFL does allow the home team to play at their home stadium with minimum or no fans.