Wow, that burger really flies:A student reviews the new Flying Burger

Story by Haylee Dinger, Student Reporter

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 When I walked into the newly opened Flying Burger restaurant in Caddo Valley, my friends and I were met with an extremely busy atmosphere. 

Nearly every table was taken, and the lines at the counter were long, but manageable by the large staff count. There were over a dozen cooks behind the counter, who got the orders cooked in record time (especially considering the amount of customers present). 

The staff was incredibly friendly, polite, and patient for those of us who didn’t know exactly what we wanted yet. Once my friends and I ordered our food – I opted for a cheeseburger with mayonnaise and pickles with a side of fries – we were handed small hand buzzers that would alert us when our food was ready. 

The inside of Flying Burger went for the aesthetic of a fifties diner, almost, with the red chairs and white, silver trimmed tables. Despite the crowdedness, we managed to find a free table due to the staff clearing tables without delay. 

Some of us had only been sat down for less than ten minutes before our hand buzzers went off to tell us our food was ready. When I got my cheeseburger, I was a bit hesitant to try it do to its size. 

When I did, however, I was instantly in love with it and its entire creation. Cooked all the way through, with just the right amount of cheese, mayonnaise, and pickles, I was absolutely over the moon for this burger. 

The fries were a bit thick for my liking, but they weren’t overly salted, which was nice. When I was done eating, I went around the table asking my friends their opinions, and most of them responded positively. 

“As someone who usually prefers a chicken sandwich, they have really good burgers. Like, A plus burger right there, ten out of ten, would recommend,” said Tessa Walthour, a freshman, English major. 

I have to say I agree with her there. As someone who enjoys a good burger, Flying Burger definitely does have an above average burger.