Pristine green screen in Ram house



A second green screen studio joins the Henderson campus.

Henderson’s Ramsauer House just received the installment of a new green screen studio. At first, students and faculty thought painting the wall would do the job for their new green screen, but that was not the case.

The new green screen was built by integrated media practicum students in the spring semester last year. Sadly, when campus shut down last year due to the outbreak of COVID-19, the project was halted. To finish the green screen before next school year, some of Henderson’s faculty kept the job moving. Lighting is still being added to the Ram studio, but the project is almost complete.

“The whole point of having our own green screen and studio is so students that want to film in front of the screen don’t have to access the TV studio in Arkansas Hall,” Scott McKinnon, Henderson professor said. “We wanted to provide a second, smaller space for quick shoots to IM students.”

He also said that adding the new green screen enables students to capture virtual reality gameplay. Doing this will help students create content in a well suited space, and most importantly, in a professional way.

Students believe that the new green screen and studio will improve their work in a big way. Now with both the Ram Studio and the Arkansas Hall TV Studio on Henderson’s campus, students have two spots to create content.