Attack on Titans


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Jaylon McEwen, Sports Reporter

This past weekend Tennessee fans were blindsided by the news that 16 of their beloved Titans personnel were diagnosed with COVID-19. The Titans were scheduled to play the Pittsburgh Steelers, who are currently undefeated right now. This left many fans upset but more importantly it upset the league.

The response of fans across the world sharing their negative or positive opinions is just a natural response when a certain situation like this comes about, especially in the middle of a pandemic. It makes one wonder if the Titans were indeed following the mandatory COVID-19 protocol with such a big number of infected. It is also being rumored that the organization could face disciplinary action if the league discovers they were not following protocol.

Now at first, it may seem a bit harsh to find someone for simply contracting the coronavirus while amid a pandemic but there are certain factors to look at. These players took responsibility at the beginning of this season to actively come and play the sport they love while also risking infection. However, it was still their duty to ultimately follow the rules and regulations that were placed before them to keep all involved parties safe.

There is no proof that the Titans disregarded protocol, which has yet to be investigated but still certainly leaves eyebrows raised. All they can focus on now is getting every player infected back to a clean bill of health and onto the field again.